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Thank you Crouch End C.C. all the way from Zimbabwe!

Thank you Crouch End C.C. all the way from Zimbabwe!

Ritesh Patel17 May - 09:38
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From Marshall Musekiwa, Technical Director – Far and Wide Cricket Zimbabwe

Dear friends at Crouch End Cricket Club,

Over the last couple of years, we have been beneficiaries of your kind donations and I wanted to pass on my graduate on behalf of all the schools, regional sports programmes and children that have benefited from your kindness. Our mission under Far and Wide Cricket is dedicated to helping, educating, and developing underprivileged communities around Zimbabwe through the game of cricket.

With your help, we have significantly been able to expand our mission to children in rural communities we serve. By increasing our equipment inventory we have been able to increase the size of our programmes and leave kits for use by the schools and programmes that we partner with to continue providing the children with a means to play the game we love.

One of the primary obstacles faced by children in rural areas of Zimbabwe is the lack of access to adequate sports facilities. Many rural areas lack proper playgrounds, sports fields, and sports equipment, making it difficult for children to engage in physical activities. The absence of these facilities not only restricts their access to organized sports but also hampers their overall physical development and well-being. Children living in rural areas often have limited exposure to a variety of sports and may not be aware of the numerous benefits associated with sports participation.

Our Programmes

Our programmes vary based on need and can comprise of introductory camps through to specific academy type coaching.

Cricket may be unfamiliar to many children living in rural areas in Zimbabwe who are more accustomed to traditional sports such as soccer, netball etc. Our introductory camps help provide children the basics in a fun and supportive manner, so the children build a sense of personal development and team camaraderie

We still have much to do and welcome your support. I’ve personally asked Ritesh Patel – our Lead Contact at CECC to tell you all that you all invited to join us in Zimbabwe if you ever wish to come see or participate in our programmes.

In the meantime, on behalf of everyone at our organisation and the communities we serve, thank you for your kind donations and support.

All the best,


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