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Juniors Recognition for May 2022

Juniors Recognition for May 2022

Kelly Minett-Robson18 Jun 2022 - 12:19
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The Junior season has started confidently at CECC and we continue to attract more players at all age groups.

One of our aims this season was to bring out the competitive edge of CECC without losing the our USP of being the friendly and inclusive club. Thoughtful team management, more structure to training, and increased input from the the adult section, has increased our win rate on last year.

Like the adult section, each month we want to recognise CECC players who have shone (player of the month) and those magical moments in match play (moment of the month)

Here are Junior CECC stars for May: Congratulations!

U15 Player of the month is Ibrahim Saeed for knocks of 61no, 20 and 24no. Moment of the Match is relative newcomer to cricket Owen Baird coming on and clean bowling north London’s opener who was on 52 and cutting loose in our win last week.

U14 Player of the month goes to Mustafa Shah, a new player in the u14s who has very early on made his mark on the team in all disciplines. Moment of the Match must go to Albert Townend who bravely and skilfully found the boundary, twice, in the closing overs of a tight match as the sun went down.

U13 Girls Player of the month is Elodie Patrick who took 2 wickets against Enfield , she has a good attitude in the field and is always ready to step up when needed . Moment of the Match was Flo Deane with 2 amazing fielding in one over amazing catch and a direct hit she really set the standard in that game everyone was encouraged and fuelled .

U13 Player of the month is Joe Ludlow for amazing, consistent batting & bowling stats across all his matches. Moments of the Match go to Sam Turner & Nathan Govender for taking on the job of opening batting pair, scoring 37 runs each against Tower Hamlets, with Nathan taking 2 wickets in his first over of the same match.

U12 Player of the month is Thomas Kershaw for his all round fielding, bowling and top order batting. He also captained his first match and has been a generally positive and energetic presence in the field. Moment of the Match goes to Flo Deane for an amazing catch against Hornsey which also saved a certain 4.

U11 Player of the month is Finlay Gibbins for his batting, his development as a wicket-keeper, his positive attitude and his commitment. Moment of the month was seeing our team have their pre-match huddle for the first time, the idea for which came from Jagtar Singh, our captain, and which is a real show of the team spirit we have.

U10 Player of the month is Seamus Aldred for his economical bowling, wicket taking and attitude. Little super star. Moment of the Match is for Ellie Shaw and Sam Lury Middleton in closing out the game against N London. Cool heads, straight bats.

U9//8 With one match under our belt Player of the Month goes to new member Diven Jamnadas a versatile player with much potential! Looking forward watching him grow at CECC and Moment of the Month goes to Aarini Mitra in her first game ever running hard singles in the closing overs to grab every run possible.

Watch this space for Junes accolades! Play Well!

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